Business Center Svishtov
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In February, 2000 a summit about "Regional development - priorities and challenges" was carried out in Veliko Tarnovo, where Svishtov was determined to be the next municipality which would take part in UNDP's Capacity 21 Project.
    In May the same year an office of the project was opened in Svishtov Municipality. And in July, after a competition, Mr. Petar Petrov was appointed for a local coordinator.

Mrs. Tania Shoumkova, Mrs. Dafina Gercheva and the Mayor of Razlog Mr. Tatarski

    As a result the collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme was initiated, which caused the creation of the Center, the participation in the Beautiful Bulgaria Project and in the JOBS Project - Job Opportunities Through Business Support.

The most important events during the year: