Business Center Svishtov
Events by months:

[+] February 2001
[+] March 2001
[+] April 2001
[+] May 2001
[+] June 2001



   In 2001 continued the work on the Strategy for sustainable development of Svishtov Municipality, financed by UNDP's Capacity 21 Project.
    At the same time representatives of the municipalities participated in a national presentation "Bridge across the Balkan".
   Different seminars were carried out with participants from the target groups.
   The working group gave for the first time the idea of establishing an Information center for training, professional preparation, qualification, prequalification, exchange of information and experience.

HE Antonio Vigilante and Mr. Petko Evrev


The most important events during the year:

[+] Seminar for journalists "Media and the positive knowledge"

[+] An Itinerant seminar "The hospital institutions in passage"

[+] Easter presentation "Bridge across the Balkan" at NDK

[+] An agreement was signed for collaboration between the municipal hospitals in the cities - participants in Capacity 21 Project.

[+] The work on Strategy for Sustainable Development continued