Business Center Svishtov
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The most important events during the year:

[+] The Center has joined the national business network of the "Job Opportunities Through Business Support - JOBS" Programme of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and UNDP. [more]

[+] The sessions of Community Forum Svishtov were carried out throughout the year.
   The Forum Programme is financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and is carried out by "Balkan Assist" association as a forum-office and Foundation for Local Government Reform (FLGR) as a project-office.
   During the year the Center was the main organizer of the Forum's sessions in Svishtov. The Center created the materials, the bulletins, assisted in writing the projects and was the main host of the working meetings of the groups. [more]

[+] On the 12th of August the constitutive assembly of the non-governmental organization "Business Center Svishtov" was carried out.

   Our constitutors are the Svishtov municipality, Undergraduate College Of Economics And Management Svishtov, Regional Center for SMSE, Labor Office Svishtov, Bulbank PLC - Svishtov, First Bulgarian Community Center Elenka i Kiril D. Avramovi Svishtov, Information and Training Center, Demi - Eridan Ltd, and representatives of Agency for Regional Development - Velingrad and Capacity 21 Project of UNDP.

[+] On the 13th of September the Center participated in a national holiday of biological agriculture organized by foundation "Bioselena". This presentation had been carried out for fourth year in a row and presented to the general public the biological agriculture, reprocessing and trade, biological products as a qualitative and healthy food. [more]

[+] On the 5th of November in the conference hall of Business Center Svishtov was carried out an appointment "Meeting with the business" of the representatives of JOBS project. JOBS was created as an initiative of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and UNDP. The project and the mechanisms for supporting small and medium-sized businesses were presented.   [more]