Business Center Svishtov - Lease Scheme

    The Financial Leasing Scheme is part of the "Job Opportunities through Business Support" (JOBS) Project, funded by the Bulgarian government through the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and supported by United Nations Development Programme.

   The Financial Leasing Scheme is a financial mechanism for the support of emerging micro- and small enterprises and agricultural producers who are experiencing difficulties in finding financing. In Svishtov municipality the Leasing Scheme is managed by the non-governmental organization Business Center Svishtov, which has been established under the J.O.B.S. Project and has the full support of the Central Coordination Unit (CCU) in Sofia.

    Partners in implementing the Financial Leasing Scheme are the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (MLSP), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the local business center and the client himself.

  • MLSP supplies the Scheme's funding;
  • UNDP supervises the Scheme and together with MLSP evaluates the implementation of the Scheme;
  • CCU controls the immediate management of resources and activities under the Scheme;
  • The local non-governmental organization (Business Center Svishtov) manages the supplied financial assets in accordance with the project documentation and the practical procedures of the Scheme. The Center also provides trainings, consultations on business planning, supplies business services to the applicants and the leasees and supervises his leasees under the Leasing Scheme.

   The funds that are given under the Financial Leasing Scheme are used for purchasing tangible fixed assets - machines, equipment, means of transport, agricultural equipment and inventory, etc. - that are put out to lease to local organizations or individuals. Through this Scheme, Business Center Svishtov assists the economic development of the Svishtov region, sub-serves the opening of new workplaces, and the retaining of now existing ones.

   The Financial Leasing Scheme supplies micro and small companies, beginning entrepreneurs or unemployed people with viable business ideas and the opportunity to take advantage of the leasing program. Thus these entrepreneurs can show they are trustworthy as credit holders and change banks' opinion about these sectors.
Substantial elements of the Scheme are the opportunities for business trainings and consultation services that raise the capacity of the micro and small entities through the professional trainings in marketing, finance and business planning, organized by Business Center Svishtov.